NYC has some of the best indoor public spaces I’ve Β ever seen. I came up with this grand idea that I would explore some of these spaces, while I shoot throughout the summer. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be indoors when its ninety five degrees outside..I’m just saying.

The space I chose in this shoot is 60 Wall Street, it’s Β the public space inside the Deutsche Bank building. This magnificent building was completed in 1989. The public space was incorporated into the infrastructure as a part of an agreement, that would allow Deutsch bank to erect a building that was significantly taller, and larger then normally permitted.

I found the atrium so refreshing..not only is the space wide open, with super tall ceilings like most , but the architecture is so amazing. The white granite arcades, faux rock walls and palm trees, made me feel like I was in a urban oasis.

The space has free wi-fi and a Starbucks, along with a few other shops. There’s plenty of seating and a restroom. It’s the perfect place for a meeting, or to just kick back, relax and have lunch. I love that the atrium is not only open to the Wall St. 9-5 crowd during the weekdays, but is also accessible to the public on the weekends. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Stay tuned as I explore more beautiful public spaces in NYC.

Photos: WildNYC



Sandals old; I love these here and here


Sunnies old; I love these here

Until our next stylish encounter…as always loves, stay inspired