Happy Valentines Day! Whether single or attached, I always try to remember to keep that childlike kind of attitude about cupids holiday.  I celebrate love in all its forms this day, not just the love between two people in an intimate relationship. When my children were little, they got so excited about all the candy, teddy bears, and cards that I would bring home for them. I’m sure this helped contribute to their understanding, that this Hallmark card day of love, wasn’t just for their parents to get all mushy on, but a day to show everyone they loved, how much they meant to them. Even though Valentines day is just a day that was created to benefit certain industries, through sales..I still think its great because it represents the most important thing in the world..love. Love is everything…its life. God is love.

Its also the perfect day for a cute outfit..preferably something red. I threw together this little number, a casual look, with a nice pop of red, in the spirit of Valentines. I hope everyone enjoyed the day. May all our days be filled with love…unconditional love.



As always loves, until our next stylish encounter…stay inspired