Summer Dress

This summer has been flying by, and I just can’t seem to fit everything in that I would like to do (ugh). Fortunately there’s still a few more weeks to go, and I plan on making the absolute most of it. When I’m not working my 9-5, I’m busy roaming the streets of NYC hoping to encounter some little interesting nook or cranny that I’ve never seen. New York City has been my home my entire life, and I haven’t seen a fraction of it..I promised myself to put an end to that this year.

summer dress

summer dress

While exploring my neighborhood and city in the summer, I love to dress comfy, yet still feel like I’m ready for almost that usually entails a dress. Dresses are just so versatile, and come in a mass array of styles and lengths. This dress here as you can see, actually has two cool is that! This whimsical straw bag is also a new pairs great with so many outfits, and is also way more roomier then it appears. I added in a pair of super cute gladiator sandals, and I was all set to hit the streets. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Until our next stylish encounter…as always loves, stay inspired


Photo: @Whoismocharose